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Located in Blacksburg, Virginia, the university offers over 110 undergraduate programs across campus, with more than 200 buildings set on over 1,000 hectares of land. Virginia Tech ranks 46th for university research in the United States. Moreover, the university even has an airport - making it easy for students from all over the world to study here. University students; It has access to many resources through career fairs, campus interview programs, and Career and Professional Development Department, which provides support for preparing CVs that make a difference. There is also the opportunity to learn about internship and part-time job options after graduation, ideal for gaining additional experience and making connections.

The university runs many clubs and societies for students to discover new interests, make new friends, and be active outside of the classroom. These include the YouTube and Social Media Club, the student newspaper and the Crafts and Coffee Club. There is also the opportunity to participate in many sports clubs and fitness classes. There are modern facilities on campus including art galleries, theater, hotel, garden, farm and a sports center with 2 fitness centers, a 22-meter swimming pool, jogging tracks and sports fields. In addition, the institution has student centers that offer many facilities such as ATMs, restaurants, gender-neutral toilets and a meditation area. Students are offered a strong support network at the university. At the welcoming center located in Squires Student Center, students with disabilities are given special assistance, financial advice, accommodation assistance and general advice.

What's new

Virginia Tech recently opened the Calhoun Higher Education Innovation Center. One of the three interconnected initiatives run by the university, this center will provide students with problem-solving skills and teach them to see the world from different perspectives. David Calhoun, a graduate funded by Virginia Tech, serves as the senior executive director of Blackstone. The US $ 20 million support of Calhoun, who previously served as CEO of Nielsen, to Honors College will fund many other projects at the university. These include the Calhoun Honors Discovery Program, which is aimed at developing a new collaborative learning model within Honors College. This program is currently in development and aims to support graduates and prepare them for the innovation economy of the 21st century. An additional US $ 15 million will be invested in Discovery Program scholarships to financially support students.

The University has also recently launched the Apex Center for Entrepreneurs, who were awarded the New Entrepreneurship Center Award given by the Global Entrepreneurship Centers Consortium. This center was deemed worthy of this award for many reasons, including the interdisciplinary nature of its programs. Last year alone, more than 1,900 students from 8 faculties took part in the programs and events organized by this center. The center is also open to the use of all students, regardless of their field of study or academic year, and will provide incentives for students who want to learn and participate in all stages of the entrepreneurship process. In addition, Virginia Tech alumni are also involved in the process and assist students who use the center. This year, more than 2,500 students are expected to benefit from the center. The Fralin Biomedical Research Institute, under the Center for Transformative Studies in Health Behavior, provided a pilot research support. The project aims to combat health problems caused by lifestyle diseases.