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Medical education is one of the most competitive departments in the world. Thousands of international students are admitted to medical schools abroad every year. If your grades are high enough and you are willing to study and work in this field, medical education is for you. Entry requirements for medical education are very strict and rigorous. Although the interviews you will enter are challenging, your motivation, previous work and personal interests are questioned. You also need to prove all your previous achievements, including relevant work experience. If you want to progress in this field, taking this education in the best courses abroad will be a great start to your career. We have listed the most respected schools in the field of Medicine in the world for you.

Harvard University

Harvard University is one of the leading schools of medical research and inventions worldwide. Founded on September 8, 1636, the school has proven its success over the years.


Oxford University

Oxford, which has proven its success with the theses it offers in world medical research, offers courses in two fields of medicine, General Medicine and Surgical Medicine.


Cambridge University

The University of Cambridge School of Medicine is located on the Addenbrooke Hospital Cambridge Biomedical Campus. Cambridge University has managed to put its name in the 3rd place worldwide.


John hopkins

John Hopkins University, which has the title of the 2nd best medical University in the USA, was established in 1876.


Imperial College London

Imperial College London has been ranked as the 6th best medical school in the world. He has been successful in many academic researches.


Stanford University

This school in the USA has proved its success worldwide. It is preferred by many students from other countries as well as the USA.


University of California

The University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine is the 4th best medical school in the USA.


University of Pennsylvania

It is the 3rd best Medical university in the USA. It has managed to be among the top 10 Medical Universities in the world.


Karolinska Institutet

In addition to medical education, it also includes departments such as nursing and dentistry.


University College London

Established in England in 1826, the university is one of the best institutions in the world that provides medical education abroad. The university has managed to become one of the leading educational institutions in clinical and scientific terms with its historical innovations and discoveries.